The total for box tops are in…The class that brought in the most was Mrs.Hart’s class with 203 and the student who brought in the most was Chloe Moore with 40. ARD was the overall winner this time.

Today’s Wellness tip: Exercise, Researchers have found that when we walk, our brains are activated and “gray” matter is protected. This gray matter is involved in muscle control, seeing, speaking, hearing and memory. Walk at least a mile a day to keep the mind in top shape.

Dates to remember

1/17/19-3/21/19 Green Team (Thursdays only)
2/12/19-4/9/19 Nature Explorers (Tuesdays only 1 & 2 grade)
2/14/19-4/11/19 Nature Explores (Thursdays only 3 & 4 grade)
2/12/19-5/14/19 Drama Club (Tuesdays only)
2/15/19-3/22/19 Ski
3/18/19 Teacher workshop no school for students
3/28/19 Early release (12:30)
5/21/19 Drama performance 6-7pm

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