Dear Allenstown Elementary School families,

Since we have implemented the dismissal change in the afternoon, the flow of traffic seems to have improved and is much quicker. Thank you for following the new procedures. I would like to ensure that the morning drop off flows just as well.
Please review some of the procedures for car morning drop off loop:

1. Please pull up to the stop sign and a staff member will assist the students with safely walking on the sidewalks to the other staff member on duty.
2. Please remain in car and the staff will help students out of the cars. Please give your hugs and say your goodbyes before entering the loop.

Dismissal pick up loop review:

Car pick lane- If you are in the loop during dismissal, Please do not park to get your students. We will have staff members come to the cars and direct which students will go to their car next in the car pick up lane. I understand that this is very different from what AES currently does but it should improve the flow of the car pick circle. If you would like to get out of your car to get your student during dismissal, please park on the street and not in the loop. Car pick up will continue to be dismissed first to alleviate some of the dismissal congestion.
All walkers- will park their car (if they have come here in one) or walk to the side door for dismissal.

Please refrain from walking in front of busses when you are outside of the car during dismissal time.

Thank you for working with us to keep your students safe at AES!

With Smiles,

Ginelle Czerula