The scholastic book fair continues today in the Library. The scheduled classes are 2-B, 1-F, 3-P, 1-B and 4-I.

Today is World Kindness Day. Do something kind for someone at school today and then tell an adult about it!

Green team starts tomorrow…students, teachers, and families have been notified.

This is a payroll week,so all non certified staff members remember to have your TCP filled out by Friday.

We are about $ 1000.00 short of our goal for the book fair…we need to reach our goal in order for Ms.Czerula to kiss a pig!!

To help reduce the size of our lost and found please remember to label lunchboxes, water bottles,backpacks and clothing.

Reminder: ALL changes to your child’s regular dismissal schedule must be received in writing by 2 pm. Any changes are required to be in writing to ensure the safety of the students. Please send in dismissal changes with your child or email to [email protected]

We have updated our Ident-A-Kid software used in the office to sign in or out

The most important difference is that you will need to have your driver’s license with you to operate the system

The computer in the lobby will ask you to choose one of the following options:

Check In – This option is for meetings, visitors and substitute teacher

– If you are a visitor, a sticker will print which is to be worn in the building

Check Out – This option should be used to dismiss your student

– You will be asked for a reason and to enter the student’s name.

After you have chosen your option and entered the requested information, you will be asked to scan your license.

Dates to remember

Oct. 1-Nov. 19 Lego Club- Tuesdays only

Oct. 28- Dance club starts-Monday’s only

Nov. 14 Green Team starts (only open to grades 2-4)- Thursday’s only

Nov.19 PTO meeting 6:00 @ARD