Be sure to get your Dental Health Posters in before February 21st. The theme is “Smile Builders” .

Here’s a poem for Dental Health Month entitled, “But Then” by Arlene Fisher
A tooth fell out
And left a Space
So Big my tongue
Can touch my Face

And every time
I Smile I show
A space where something
used to Grow

I Miss my tooth
As you may guess
But then- I have to
Brush one less

Please bring your Terycycle down to the gym.

Dance club has been canceled today all parents are being notified by Ms.Pham.

Please stand by for student of the week….

Bingo for Books is coming up after February vacation and the PTO is looking for gently used book donations to award as prizes. Reading levels from board books to adult (appropriate topics only, please). Donation boxes are located at both AES and ARD until February 22nd. And, please join us for a night of bingo on Friday, March 8th at AES!

Dates to remember

1/17/19-3/21/19 Green Team (Thursdays only)
2/12/19-4/9/19 Nature Explorers (Tuesdays only 1 & 2 grade)
2/14/19-4/11/19 Nature Explores (Thursdays only 3 & 4 grade)
2/11/19 School Board meeting [email protected]:00
2/12/19 PTO meeting AES @6:00
2/12/19-5/14/19 Drama Club (Tuesdays only)
2/15/19-3/22/19 Ski (Fridays only to exclude 3/1/19)
2/20/19 PTO restaurant fundraiser at the Ninety-Nine Hooksett
5/21/19 Drama performance 6-7pm

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