Nature explorers grade 3 & 4 meet today.

Green team also meets today please keep in mind that this is the last meeting for green team

Mrs.Brison is out today so please only send students to the office in case of an emergency. Mrs.Schmidt will be coming over a couple of times to check on us.

Dates to remember

3/21/19 Green Team
2/12/19-4/9/19 Nature Explorers (Tuesdays only 1 & 2 grade)
2/14/19-4/11/19 Nature Explores (Thursdays only 3 & 4 grade)
2/12/19-5/14/19 Drama Club (Tuesdays only)
3/22/19 Ski
3/28/19 Early release (12:30)
4/10/19 Dance club performance 6:00 pm (start time)
5/21/19 Drama performance 6-7pm

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