Nature explorers grades 3 & 4 will meet today after school

The PTO’s Spring Van Otis fundraiser orders are due today. Delivery is expected by April 18th

This is a payroll week so please make sure TCP is filled out by the end of today. For any staff that need to fill out a time slip please make sure you do so and have it back to to the office by tomorrow morning.

Dates to remember
2/12/19-4/9/19 Nature Explorers (Tuesdays only 1 & 2 grade)
2/14/19-4/11/19 Nature Explores (Thursdays only 3 & 4 grade)
2/12/19-5/14/19 Drama Club (Tuesdays only)
4/4/19 Van Otis fundraiser is due back
4/8/19 School Board Meeting 6:00 @ AES
4/9/19 PTO meeting 6:00
4/10/19 Dance club performance 6:00 pm (start time)
5/9/2019 “Fitness Fiesta” Health Fair 5-7PM
5/21/19 Drama performance 6-7pm

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