A reminder to all staff to put your heart in the box at the end of the day…it’s located next to the mailboxes

Drama and nature explores grades 1 & 2 meet today after school. This is the last week for nature explores.

This is recharge with sleep week where you’ll receive a form to write down every day the time you went to bed, when you woke up and how you felt in the morning upon awakening. There will be daily tips on ways to improve your sleep. Return your forms next Monday to be entered into a free drawing for a radio alarm clock.

Recharge with Sleep Week-Daily Tip:
Consuming a large meal before bed can
Lead to poor sleep. One should eat 3 hrs
Before going to bed to aid digestion.

AES collected 307 box tops in the month of March. Mrs Perry’s room collected the most with 49 and Brooklyn King is the overall winner. Thank you all for your contribution.

This week is the last week for Natures explores for all grades. Thank you to the SCA for your time.

Dates to remember

2/12/19-4/9/19 Nature Explorers (Tuesdays only 1 & 2 grade)
2/14/19-4/11/19 Nature Explores (Thursdays only 3 & 4 grade)
2/12/19-5/14/19 Drama Club (Tuesdays only)
4/9/19 PTO meeting 6:00
4/10/19 Dance club performance 6:00 pm (start time)
5/9/2019 “Fitness Fiesta” Health Fair 5-7PM
5/21/19 Drama performance 6-7pm

Ms.Czerula’s principal blog aesprincipal.edublogs.org

AES Website: http://aes.sau53.org/

PTO Website: http://www.myvlink.org/allenstownpto/

Town of Allenstown: https://www.allenstownnh.gov/

New Department of Education: https://www.education.nh.gov/